Chandran Memorial Hall

Chandran Memorial Hall was inaugurated by Dr. Kenneth A. Mooney on 23 February 2006. Dr. Mooney, affectionately known by his friends as Ken, was born and raised in New Jersey, USA, and is a long time resident of Reston, Virginia, USA. Dr. Mooney made a generous gift to help build CHANDRAN MEMORIAL HALL to help children of village Mirdha and the surrounding villages, and MOONEY GUEST HOUSE, for visitors to the college and the village.

Visitors inside Chandran Memorial Hall (February 2008)
Chandran Memorial Hall (February 2008)
Chandran Memorial Hall (Inauguration, Februrary 2006)
Marble plaque to commemorate the inauguration by Dr. Mooney

Ken Mooney

Anne Shukla

Sonia Shukla

Student audience at the inauguration

Special guests at the inauguration. Seated (L to R): Sarita Pandey, Sonia Shukla, Susan Straus, Barbara Cane, Anne Shukla, Shannon Gray, Emily Straus. Standing (L to R): Shriram Shukla, David Straus, Avinash Pandey, B. D. Tripathi, Mark Cane, J. Shukla, Ken Mooney, Mahendra Shukla

Barbara Cane

Mark Cane

Susan Straus

David Straus

Sonia Shukla at inauguration