Campus Location

Gandhi College is located in the village Mirdha of the Ballia district in India. Ballia district is the easternmost district of the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP), which is the most populous state of India. The population of UP was about 175 million in 2001. Ballia is one of the 70 districts of UP, and the population of Ballia district is about 2.8 million. The seat of the Ballia district government is Ballia city. The latitude, longitude of Ballia city is: 25.8N, 84.2E. Gandhi College is about 10 miles north of Ballia city. Ballia city is one of the train stations of the Indian railways. A decent road connects Ballia city and Gandhi College in village Mirdha.


google map
A view of Gandhi College and its surroundings from Google Earth.