Mooney Guest House

A generous donation from Dr. Ken Mooney helped in building a guest house on the upper floor of the Chandran Memorial Hall. The Guesthouse consists of four bedrooms and an open reception area. Visitors to Gandhi College and village Mirdha from India and abroad can stay in the Mooney Guesthouse. The first group of visitors who stayed in the Mooney Guesthouse consisted of Ken Mooney, Mike and Susie Wallace, Peter Webster and Tim and Gill Palmer.

Ken Mooney
Ken Mooney
Chandran Memorial Hall (February 2008)
Shriram Shukla, Ken Mooney, and J. Shukla in the Mooney Guest House

Back row: Shriram Shukla, Ken Mooney, and J. Shukla
Middle row: Peter Webster, Susie Wallace, Gill Palmer
Front row: Tim Palmer and Mike Wallace