A modular Java framework for scientific data servers

What is Anagram?

Anagram is a prototype framework designed to ease the development of the diverse data servers which will be needed as the community moves towards distributed data processing. It provides a collection of reusable components that address the needs common to high-performance scientific data servers. In particular, Anagram can greatly facilitate the development of new servers that support the OPeNDAP subsetting protocol on a diverse range of back-end data storage formats.

What servers are based on Anagram?

Anagram is the basis for the GDS (GrADS Data Server), which currently handles over 2 million hits per month at various sites.

What is OPeNDAP?

OPeNDAP (Open source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol) is a software framework used for data networking. OPeNDAP provides tools for making local data accessible to remote locations regardless of local storage format.

How do I get started with Anagram?

The Anagram 1.0 distribution is now available. This contains the framework classes, as well as a simple implementation called the Example Server, which uses the DODS Test classes to generate sample data for any arbitrary data structure. The Example Server is ready to compile and run.

The Example Server code should provide a good starting point for a new implementation of Anagram. You may also want to examine the internals of the GDS to get a sense of what a more full-featured and complex implementation might look like.

Download Anagram Server Framework 1.0

Is there an Anagram white paper?

Why, yes there is - the design and operation of the framework are described in detail in the paper Anagram—A Modular Java Framework For High-Performance Scientific Data Servers