Command line editing and history

If the readline library compiles on your system then the default prompt will be ga-> as opposed to ga>. This indicates that command line editing is active. The library defaults to emacs mode but can be set up to run using vi syntax.

Here's a list of the commands which may typically be used:

You also get file name completion using the tab key. If there is more than one option, then double tab will list the available completions.

For example, suppose you are running grads on div40-2 at FNMOC and want to start looking for files to open...

Type open /h and get,

ga-> open /h and hit two tabs and get:
h home home1 home2

then type ome1 and tab tab and get,

then type GR, tab to go to GRIB dir, followed by d, tab to go to the dat dir and then n, tab tab gives,

and type 950217 to get

and finally open the 12Z data with 12.c, tab, return to open the file



There is no guarantee that these readline routines will always work, so the -h option has been added to the invocation of GrADS to turn them off.