set display

Sets the mode and background color of the interactive display window.


set display grey|greyscale|color <black|white>     (Version 2.0.2 and earlier)

set display black|white                            (Version 2.1+)

Beginning with version 2.1, the mode is always color. The grey and greyscale modes are no longer an option. This command is therefore used only to swap the hardware background and foreground colors. By default the display is set to black, which means the background is black and the foreground is white. Issuing 'set display white' changes the display background to white and the foreground to black.

For version 2.0.2 and earlier, the default mode is color, where shading and contouring is done with a rainbow of colors. When using a monochrome display, these colors may not map to greyscale in a pleasing way. When the mode is set to greyscale, contours are displayed using a single grey level, and shaded contours are done using a sequence of greyscales. The second argument is used to set the hardware background color to black or white. The default is black.

Usage Notes

  1. This command DOES NOT affect hardcopy output, only the interactive display window.
  2. This command 'sticks' until the user issues another set display command, or a reinit command is issued. It does not change with reset.
  3. Issuing 'set display greyscale white' gives a result on the display that is very similar to the output produced by gxps used without the -c option.
  4. If you use the old syntax with version 2.1, the grey|greyscale|color argument will be ignored.