set parea

set parea xmin xmax ymin ymax

The command specifies the area for plotting contour plots, maps, or line graphs. This area does not include axis labels, titles, etc., so if you need to see those, provide for an adequate margin.

The region is specified in terms of virtual page units. By default, the virtual page is equal to the real page, so the units are approximately inches on the real page.

Maps are scaled to fit within the plotting area such that their correct aspect ratio is maintained. Thus, the map will not fill the entire plotting area except under certain lat/lon ranges. A line graph or a contour plot without a map will be scaled to fit entirely within the specified plotting area.

By default, an appropriate plotting area is chosen depending on the type of graphics output. To return to this default, enter:

set parea off

It is not appropriate to use this command to put multiple plots on one page. It is better to use the set vpage command.

Usage Note