set wxcols

set wxcols c1 c2 c3 c4 c5

where c1...c5 are the weather symbol colors

c1 (default color 2, red) : thunder/sleet/freezing/hurricane [used in symbols 1-13,24-27,31-32,38,40,41]
c2 (default color 10, green) : rain/drizzle [used in symbols 3,8,12-18,24,26-30,37]
c3 (default color 11, blue) : snow [used in symbols 4,9,19-23,37]
c4 (default color 7, yellow): fog [used in symbol 34]
c5 (default color 15, gray): blowing snow/sand/smoke [used in symbols 33,35,36,39]

Usage Notes


Run the script to see how the colors of the various symbols are implemented.