This function converts a station data time series into a 1-dimensional grid. This allows more graphics and analytical operations.

expr            A valid GrADS 1D station data expression in which time is the only varying dimension.

Usage Notes

The s2g1d function only works with 'display' and will not work with 'define'. You have to use 'set gxout fwrite' and write the data to a file if you want to save and reuse the 1D gridded time series.


'set gxout bar'
'set barbase 0'
'set bargap 10'
display s2g1d(precip(stid=kdca))'

'set gxout contour'
display smth9(s2g1d(t(stid=kord)))'

'set gxout vector'
'display const(s2g1d(u(stid=ksux)),0);s2g1d(u(stid=ksux));s2g1d(v(stid=ksux))'