This utility is obsolete beginning with GrADS version 2.1.
For more information, see the section in the User's Guide on Producing Hardcopy Image Output from GrADS.

gxps [ -crd -i <infile> -o <outfile> ] ]

gxps is a UNIX utility that converts the GrADS metacode format file to a PostScript file. Command line arguments and switches are:

Usage Notes
  1. The default behaviour of gxps is to create a grayscale plot on a white background. The GrADS default rainbow colors (color numbers 2 to 14) are converted into appropriate grey shades. User-defined colors (numbers above 15) are translated to greyscale intensity based on their green content only.


Convert GrADS metacode format file mytest.mf to a color plot on a black background and outputs the result to PostScript file mytest.ps.