stnmap [-i fname] [-0]

stnmap is an external GrADS utility that writes out a hash table and/or link list information for station data that allows GrADS to access the data more efficiently. After a station data set has been written and the accompanying data descriptor file has been created, you must run the stnmap utility before you can look at the data in GrADS.

The stnmap options are as follows:

The output from stnmap goes into a file that is named in the STNMAP record of the data descriptor file. (See Usage Note #2).

Usage Notes

  1. If you change the data file (perhaps by appending another time group), you will also have to change the descriptor file to reflect the changes and then rerun the stnmap utility.

  2. Note the difference between required records in a station descriptor file and a grid descriptor file:




Here's a sample descriptor file stat.ctl for station data set ua.reps:

Run the stnmap utility:

The station map file is a binary file, which includes the hash table and/or link list information.