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News Items: (updated 1 November 2005)

  1. [NEW]Correction to the soil properties table - proerties for wome categories were swapped.  A corrected table has been posted.
  2. Multi-Model Analysis Version 1.1 (September 2005) corrects problems discovered for April 1995 in the following variables: RadT, BaresoilT, AvgSurfT, and VegT.  Other variables and months are not affected.
  3. Multi-Model Analysis now available:
    1.  DVD (V1.0) (climatological fields, monthly fields and daily soil state variables only)
    2.  COLA GDS (V1.1) (full climatological, monthly and daily)
    3.  GSWP-2 data website
  4. Documentation of the Multi-Model Analysis is available as COLA Technical Report #185.
  5. Output data for individual models are available from the GSWP-2 data website, including a web-based interface for visualization.
  6. Baseline data submission information
  7. An FAQ page has been started to help with accessing the data, reporting problems, and getting the most out of the DODS server technology.
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