Data Description

Aug 14, 2017 Release Notes

The SubX re-forecast and real-time forecasts made to date are available from the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) Data Library, Columbia University. The library is regularly updated as additional data becomes available.

Important Notes:

  • Most forecast groups are producing re-forecasts on the fly, therefore a full year of re-forecasts are not yet available for all models
  • Modeling group have provided at minimum all Priority 1 Variables. Some have also provided Priority 2 Variables.
  • Real-time forecasts began in July with a subset of modeling groups. Additional groups joined in Aug.

Tips for Downloading Data

The IRI Data Library is an OPenDAP Server. Therefore various languages and environments can be used to access the SubX data via OPenDAP. Once an OPenDAP connection has been established, the data are stored as netCDF. Sample programs to download data are available in Matlab, Python, and NCL on github. Additional sample programs in GrADS and bash shell-script are coming soon.