SubX News

May: SubX User's Guide Now Available

Apr: Important Data Notice!!!!!

On Apr 10, there will be change to the SubX IRI Data Library which will break the data download codes. New codes are available for download on github. This change will have no impact on users who have already downloaded SubX data.

Jan: SubX @ AMS

Mon: Prediction and Predictability of the Madden–Julian Oscillation in the NASA GEOS-5 Seasonal-to-Subseasonal System Deepthi Achuthavarier

Tues: Multimodel MJO Simulation and Prediction in the Subseasonal Experiment (SubX) Kathy Pegion

Dec 12: SubX @ AGU Dr. Annarita Mariotti presents AGU Talk "The Subseasonal Experiment (SubX) to Advance National Weather Service Predictions for Weeks 3–4 "

Nov 2: SubX Data at IRI has a DOI: 10.7916/D8PG249H

Oct 25: SubX at 42nd Annual Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop

Dr. Emerson LaJoie gave an overview presentation on the SubX project at the CDPW

Oct 18: Watch the SubX Overview Video

Dr. Kathy Pegion gave an overview presentation of SubX and other community S2S projects to the Taiwan Central Weather Bureau

Oct 18: SubX data highlighted in IRI News Article

SubX and S2S project datasets hosted at IRI are highlighted in this article

Oct 13: COLA/GMU Interactive SubX Forecast Viewer Now Available

Jennifer Adams from GMU's Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies created an interactive forecast viewer for SubX forecasts

Oct 2: SubX Real-time Forecast Maps Now Available

Sep 28: SubX Forecasts of Harvey and Irma Presented on MAPP Webinar

Sep 13-15: SubX Research Presented at the NMME/SubX Science Meeting

[MAPP News Article] [CTB News Article]

Aug 14: SubX Data is Now Available at the IRI Data Library