Center for Climate System Research (CCSR):

No. 1, July 1996: Tamanaka, Yasuhiro; Development of Ocean Biogeochemical General Circulation Model, 2 copies

No.2 , August 1996: Nakata, Minoru; Pacific Deep Circulation in World Ocean Circulation Model, 2 copies

No. 3, February 1997: Kondratyev, Kirill Ya.; Sumi, Akimasa; and Pokrovski, Oleg M.; Global Change and Climate Dynamics: Optimization of Observing Systems, 2 copies

No. 4, July 1997: Oki, Riko and Sumi, Akimasa; Sampling Simulation of TRMM Rainfall Estimation Using Radar-AMeDAS Composites. Oki, Riko; Simu, Akimasa; and Short, David A.; TRMM Sampling Simulation of Radar-AMeDAS Rainfall Using the Threshold Method, 2 copies

No. 5, July 1997: Hasumi, Hiroyasu; Ocean's Role in Forming the Steady State of the Climate, 2 copies

No. 6, August 1997: Watanabe, Masahiro and Nitta, Tsuyoshi; Abrupt Shifts in the Atmospheric Circulation and Associated Decadal Climate Variations in the Northern Hemisphere Winter: A Diagnostic Study and Relative Impacts of Snow and Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies on Abrupt Shifts in the Winter-1989 Atmospheric Circulation, 2 copies

No. 7, November 1997: Kawamiya, Michio; Mechanisms of the Seasonal Variation of Chlorophyll in the North Pacific: A Study Using an Ecosystem Model Embedded in an Ocean General Circulation Model

No. 8, December 1998: Furue, Ryo; Importance of local interactions within the small-scale oceanic internal wave spectrum for transferring energy to dissipation scales: A three-dimensional numerical study

No. 9, February 1999: Tsuijino, Hiroyuki; Modelling Study on Thermohaline Circulation in the Pacific Ocean

No. 10, April 1999: Higurashi, Akiko; A Study of Aerosol Properties on Global Scale Using Satellite Remote Sensing

No. 11, October 1999: Kawamoto, Kazuaki; On the Global Distribution of the Water Cloud Microphysics Derived from AVHRR Remote Sensing