Department of Energy Research: CO2

August 1980, 007: Carbon Dioxide Effects Research and Assessment Program: The Role of Tropical Forests on the World Carbon Cycle

January 1983, TR002: Effects of Approximate Radiation Treatments Used in the Climate Models on the Clear Sky Thermal Radiation Flux and its Perturbation Due to CO2 Increase

February 1983, 021: Proceedings: Carbon Dioxide Research Conference: Carbon Dioxide, Science and Consensus

June 1983, TR003: Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Fossil Fuels: A Procedure for Estimation and Results for 1950-1981

June 1983, TR004: Carbon in Live Vegetation of Major World Ecosystems

June 1983, TR005: Deforestation Measured by LANDSAT: Steps Toward a Method

July 1983: International Carbon Dioxide-Related Activities: The International Organizations Involved and U.S. Bilateral Arrangements

August 1983, TR006: Response of the North American Corn Belt to Climate Warming

November 1983: The Carbon Dioxide Research Plan: A Summary

December 1983: CO2 Climate Research Plan

December 1983, TR007: An Analysis of Concepts for Controlling Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

January 1984: Vegetation Response to Carbon Dioxide Research Plan, 2 copies

January 1984: Carbon Cycle Research Plan

February 1984: Technology Spinoffs from the Magnetic Fusion Energy Program

March 1984, TR008: Carbonate Chemistry of the Weddell Sea

April 1984, TR009: Response of Unmanaged Forests to CO2-Induced Climate Change: Available Information, Initial Tests, and Data Requirements

July 1984, TR010: Computer Implementation of a Globally Averaged Model of the World Carbon Cycle

August 1984, TR011: Historical Carbon Dioxide: Abundances Derived from the Smithsonian Spectrobolograms

August 1984, TR012: Seasonal Climate Scenarios for Europe and North America in a High-CO2, Warmer World

September 1984, TR013: An Analysis of Possible Future Atmospheric Retention of Fossil Fuel CO2

September 1984, TR014: The Changing Pattern of Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions

September 1984: Carbon Dioxide and Climate: Summaries of Research in FY 1983 and FY 1984

October 1984, TR015: A Proposed Reference Set of Scenarios for Radiatively Active Atmospheric Constituents

December 1984, TR016: A Systems Study for the Removal, Recovery and Disposal of Carbon Dioxide from Fossil Fuel Power Plants in the U.S.

January 1985, TR017: A Climatic Data Bank for Northern Hemisphere Land Areas, 1851-1980

February 1985, TR018: A Global Paleoclimatic Data Base for 6000 yr B.P.

February 1985, TR019: Carbon Dynamics of Northern Hardwood Forests: Gas Exchange Characteristics

March 1985, TR020: Reconstruction of Past Atmospheric CO2 Contents from the Chemistry of the Contemporary Ocean: An Evaluation

April 1985: Review of Carbon Dioxide Research Staffing and Academic Support

May 1985, TR021: A Two Dimensional CO2-Ocean Model Including the Biological Processes

July 1985, TR022: A Grid Point Surface Air Temperature Data Set for the Northern Hemisphere

July 1985, TR023: The Effect of Elevated Atmospheric CO2 on Plant Communities

July 1985, TR024: Methods of Uncertainty Analysis for a Global Carbon Dioxide Model

September 1985, TR026: Carbonate Chemistry of the Bering Sea

September 1985: Glaciers, Ice Sheets, and Sea Level: Effect of a CO2-Induced Climatic Change, 2 copies

September 1985: Carbon Dioxide and Climate: Summaries of Research in FY 1985

October 1985, TR025: The Stability of Low-Latitude Sea-Surface Temperatures: An Evaluation of the CLIMAP Reconstruction with Emphasis on the Positive SST Anomalies

December 1985, TR028: Definition and Characterization of Data Needs to Describe the Potential Effects of Increased Atmospheric CO2 in Marine Fisheries from the Northeast Pacific Ocean

December 1985: Detecting the Climatic Effects of Increasing Carbon Dioxide

December 1985: Projecting the Climatic Effects of Increasing Carbon Dioxide

December 1985: Direct Effects of Increasing Carbon Dioxide on Vegetation

December 1985: Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and the Global Carbon Cycle

March 1987: Master Index for the Carbon Dioxide Research State-of-the-Art Report Series

February 1990: Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program Plan

February 1990: Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program Plan: Executive Summary