European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)

Technical Reports

No. 51: Molteni, Franco; Tibaldi, Stefano; Climatology and Systematic Error of Rainfall Forecasts at ECMWF

No. 52: Mohanty, U.C.; Slingo, J.M.; Tiedtke, M.; Impact of Modified Physical Processes on the Tropical Simulation in the ECMWF Model

No. 53: Heckly, William A.; The Performance and Systematic Errors of the ECMWF Tropical Forecasts (1982-1984)

No. 54: Burridge, D.M.; Steppeler, J.; Strufing, R.; Finite Element Schemes for the Vertical Discretization of the ECMWF Forecast Model Using Linear Elements

No. 55: Steppeler, J.; Finite Elements Schemes for the Vertical Discretisation of the ECMWF Forecast Model Using Quadratic and Cubic Elements

No. 56: Jarraud, M.; Simmons, A.J.; Kanamitsu, M.; Sensitivity of Medium-Range Weather Forecasts to the use of an Envelope Orography

No. 57: Brankovic, Cedo; Zonal Diagnostics of the ECMWF 1984-85 Operational Analyses and Forecasts

No. 58: Reed, R.J.; Hollingsworth, A.; Heckley, W.A.; Delsol, F.; An Evaluation of the Performance of the ECMWF Operational Forecasting System in Analyzing and Forecasting Tropical Easterly Wave Disturbances, Part I: Synoptic Investigation

No. 60: Reed, R.J.; Klinker, E.; Hollingsworth, A.; An Evaluation of the Performance of the ECMWF Operational Forecasting System in Analyzing and Forecasting Tropical Easterly Wave Disturbances, Part II: Spectral Investigation

No. 62: Sakellarides, G.; Atmospheric Effective Angular Momentum Functions for 1986-1987

No. 64: Morcrette, J-J: Impact of Changes to the Radiation Scheme in the ECMWF Model

No. 66: Simmons, A.J.; Jiabin, Chen; The Calculation of Geopotential and the Pressure Gradient in the ECMWF Atmospheric Model: Influence on the Simulation of the Polar Atmosphere and on Temperature Analysis

No. 68: Gunther, H.; Lionello, P.; Janssen, P.A.E.M.; Bertotti, L.; Bruning, C.; Carretero, J.C.; Cavaleri, L.; Guillaume, A.; Hansen, B.; Hasselmann, S.; Hasselmann, K.; de las Heras, M.; Hollingsworth, A.; Holt, M.; Lefevre, J.M.; Portz R.; Implementation of a Third Generation Ocean Wave Model at the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

No. 69: Hoffman, Ross, N.; A Preliminary Study of the Impact of C-band Scatterometer Wind Data on Global Scale Numerical Weather Prediction

No. 70: Palmer, T.N.; Anderson, D.L.T.; Scientific Assessment of the Prospects for Seasonal Forecasting: a European Pesrpective

No. 71: Janssen, Peter A.E.M.; Results with a Coupled Wind Wave Model

No. 72: Ritchie, Harold; Temperton, Clive; Simmons, Adrian; Hortal, Mariano; Davies, Terry; Dent, David; Hamrud, Mats; Implementation of the Semi-Lagrangian Method in a High Resolution Version of the ECMWF Forecast Model

No. 73: Rizzi, Rolando; Raw HIRS/2 Radiances and Model Simulations in the Presence of Clouds, 2 copies

No. 74: Guillaume, A.; Lahoz, M. Gomez; Hansen, B.; Carretero, J.C.;

No. 76: Nomura, Atsushi; Global Sea Ice Concentration Data Set for use with the ECMWF Re-Analysis System

No. 77: Lanzinger, Andreas; ECMWF Forecasts of the Floods of January 1995