Institut Pierre Simon Laplace des sciences de l'Environnement Global

Notes du Pole de Modelisation

No. 1, January 1998: Ducharne, Agnes; Laval, Katia and Polcher, Jan; Sensitivity of the hydrological cycle to the parameterization of soil hydrology in a GCM

No. 2, January 1998: Levy, Marina; Memery, Laurent and Andre, Jean-Michel; Simulation of primary production and export Fluxes in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea

No. 3, February 1998: Masson, Valerie; Joussaume, Sylvie; Pino, Sophie; and Ramstein, Gilles; Impact of parameterization on simulated winter mid-Holocene and Last Glacial Maximum climatic changes in the Northern Hemisphere

No. 5, April 1998: Aumont, O.; Orr, J.C.; Monfray, P. and Madec, G.; Nutrient trapping in the equatorial Pacific: The ocean circulation solution

No. 6, May 1998: Cohen-Solal, Emmanuelle and Le Treut, Herve; Long term Climate drift of a coupled surface ocean-atmosphere model: role of ocean heat transport and cloud radiative feedbacks

No. 7, June 1998: Levy, Marina; Memery, Laurent and Madec, Gurvan; Combined Effects of Mesoscale Processes and Atmospheric High-Frequency Variability on the Spring Bloom in the MEDOC Area

No. 8, September 1998: Laurent, Carine; Le Treut, Herve; Li, Zhao-Xin; Fairhead, Laurent and Dufresne, Jean-Louis; The influence of resolution in simulating inter-annual and inter-decadal variability in a coupled ocean atmosphere GCM, with emphasis over the North Atlantic

No. 9, October 1998: Codron, Francis; Vintzileos, Augustin and Sadourny, Robert; An Improved Interpolation Scheme between an Atmospheric Model and Underlying Surface Grids near Orography and Ocean Boundaries

No. 10, November 1998: Li, Z.X. and Carril, A.F.; Transient properties of atmospheric circulation in two reanalysis datasets

No. 11, December 1998: Madec, Gurvan; Delecluse, Pascale; Imbard, Maurice; and Levy, Claire: OPA8.1 ocean general circulation model reference manual

No. 12, January 1999: Guyon, Marc; Madec, Gurvan; Roux, Francois-Xavier; Herbaut, Christophe; Imard, Maurice; and Fraunie, Philippe: Domain Decomposition Method as a Nutshell for Massively Parallel Ocean Modelling with the OPA Model

No. 13, February 1999: Guilyardi, Eric; Madec, Gurvan; and Terray, Laurent; The Role of Lateral Ocean Physics in the Upper Ocean Thermal Balance of a Coupled Ocean Atmosphere GCM

No. 14, March 1999: Hauglustaine, D.; Impact of Biomass Burning and Lightning Emissions on the Distribution of Tropospheric Ozone and its Precursors in the Tropics