Name/First Issue Available

Advances in Atmospheric Sciences/1994

Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society/1998 except for no.4 1991

Climate Diagnostics/1991

Contributions to Atmospheric Physics/1993

Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans/1992


Global Biochemical Cycles/1994

Global and Planetary Change/1993

Geophysical Research Letters/1994

International Journal of Climatology/1990

Indian Academy of Science: Proceedings/1993-94

Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences/1995

Journal of Climate/1998

Journal of Geophysical Research/1990

Journal of Physical Oceanography/1980

Journal of Marine Research/1995

Journal of Tropical Meteorology/1997

Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan/1994

Monthly Weather Review/1993 and back issues beginning 1984


News Letter: European Geophysical Society/1997-98

Paleoclimates: Data and Modeling/1998

Weather and Forecasting/1999

Physics Today/1998

Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society/1974

Quarterly Research: An Interdisciplinary Journal/1997

Reviews of Geophysics/1989


Science News/1998

Scientific American/1997