Max-Planck-Institut fur Meteorologie

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No. 191, February 1996: Machenhauer, Bennert; Windelband, Martin; Botzet, Michael; Jones, Richard G.; Deque, Michel; Validation of Present-Day Regional Climate Simulation Over Europe: Nested LAM and Variable Resolution Global Model Simulations with Observed or Mixed Layer Ocean Boundary Conditions

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No. 211, August 1996: Gorbunov, M.E.; Gurvich, A.S.; Bengtsson, L.; Advanced Algorithms of Inversion of GPS/MET Satellite Data and Their Application to Reconstruction of Temperature and Humidity

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No. 213, August 1996: Hasselmann, Klaus; Multi-Pattern Fingerprint Method for Detection and Attribution of Climate Change

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No. 219, October 1996: Hagemann, Stefan; Dumenil, Lydia; Development of a Parameterization of Lateral Discharge for the Global Scale

No. 220, October 1996: Hein, Ralf; Crutzen, Paul J.; Heimann, Martin: An Inverse Modeling Approach to Investigate the Global Atmospheric Methane Cycle

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No. 225, January 1997: Munnich, Matthias; Latif, Mojib; Venzke, Stephan; Maier-Reimer, Ernst; Decadal Oscillations in a Simple Coupled Model

No. 226, January 1997: Bosenberg, J.; Timm, R.; Wulfmeyer, V.; Study on Retrieval Algorithms for a Backscatter Lidar: Final Report

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No. 228, February 1997: Stendel, Martin; Arpe, Klaus; Evaluation of the Hydrological Cycle in Reanalyses and Observations

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No. 232, February 1997: Fiedler, Lars; Bakan, Stephan; Interferometric Measurements of Sea Surface Temperature and Emissivity

No. 233, March 1997: Kwasniok, Frank; Optimal Galerkin Approximations of Partial Differential Equations Using Principal Interaction Patterns

No. 234, March 1997: Bartsch, Barbara; Bakan, Stepan; Ehret, Gerhard; Fischer, Jurgen; Kastner, Martina; Kiemle, Christophe; Passive Remote Sensing of Columnar Water Vapour Content Above Land Surfaces. Part 1: Theoretical Algorithm Development; Part 2: Comparison of Ovid Measurements with Radiosonde and Dial Measurements

No. 235, April 1997: Christoph, M.; Barnett, T.P.; Roekner, E.; The Antarctic Circumpolar Wave in a Coupled Ocean Atmosphere GCM

No. 236, April 1997: Bosenberg, Jens; Remote Sensing of the Troposphere Using Differential Absorption Lidar

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No. 256, May 1998: Bengtsson, Lennart; Roeckner, Erich; Stendel, Martin; Why is the Global Warming Proceeding Much Slower than Expected?

No. 276, September 1998: Latif, Mojib; Dommenget, Dietmar; Dima, Mihai; The Role of Indian Ocean Sea Surface Temperature in Forcing East African Climate Anomalies

No. 277, September 1998: Dommenget, Dietmar; Latif, Mojib: Interannual to Decadal Variability in the Tropical Atlantic

No. 278, Hagemann, Stefan; Dumenil, Lydia; Application of a Grid-Scale Lateral Discharge Model in the Baltex Region

No. 279, October 1998: Muller, Detlev; Giering, Ralf; Mikolajewicz, Uwe; Maier-Reimer, Ernst; Cyclostationary Circulation estimation with a Global Assimilation System

No. 289, March 1999: Hagemann, Stefan; Botzet, Michael; Dumenil, Lydia; Machenhauer, Bennert; Derivation of Global GCM Boundary Conditions from 1 km Land Use Satellite Data

No. 290, June 1999: Hooss, Georg; Voss, Reinhard; Hasselmann, Klaus; Maier-Reimer, Ernst; Joos, Fortunat; A Nonlinean Impulse Response Model of the Coupled Carbon Cycle-Ocean-Atmosphere Climate System

No. 291, June 1999: Prigarin, Vassili; Rapid Algorithms for Plane-Parallel Radiative Transfer Calculations

No. 292, June 1999: Latif, Mojib; Arpe, Klaus; Roekner, Erich; Oceanic Control of Decadal North Atlantic Sea Level Pressure Variability in Winter

No. 293, July 1999: Walter, Bernadette P.; Heimann, Martin; A Process-Based, Climate-Sensitive Model to Derive Methane Emissions from Natural Wetlands: Application to 5 Wetlands Sites, Sensitivity to Model Parameters and Climate

No. 294, August 1999: Werner, Martin; Mikolajewicz, Uwe; Hoffman, Georg; Heimann, Martin; Possible Changes of del18O in Precipitation Caused by a Meltwater Event in the North Atlantic

No. 295, August 1999: Werner, Martin; Mikolajewicz, Uwe; Heimann, Martin; Hoffman, Georg; Borehole versus Isotope Temperatures on Greenland: Seasonality Does Matter

No. 296, August 1999: Langmann, Barbel; Numerical Modeling of Regional Scale Transport and Photochemistry Directly Together with Meteorological Processes

No. 297, August 1999: Schulz, Jan-Peter; Dumenil, Lydia; Polcher, Jan; The Impact of Two Different Land-Surface Coupling Techniques in a Single Column Version of the ECHAM4 Atmospheric Model

No. 298, September 1999: Voss, Reinhard; Mikolajewcz, Uwe; Long-Term Climate Changes Due to Increased CO2 Concentration in the Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Model ECHAM3/LSG

No. 301, December 1999: Gates, Lydia Dumenil; Lieb, Stephan; Impacts of Deforestation and Afforestation in the Mediterranean Region as Simulated by the MPI Atmospheric GCM

No. 302, December 1999: Jin, Fei-Fei; Hu, Zeng-Zhen; Latif, Mojib; Bengtsson, Lennart; Roeckner, Erich; Dynamical and Cloud-Radiation Feedbacks in El Nino and Greenhouse Warming

No. 303, December 1999: Perlwitz, Judith; Graf, Hans-F.; Voss, Reinhard; The Leading Variability Mode of the Coupled Troposphere-Stratosphere Winter Circulation in Different Climate Regimes