NCAR Technical Notes

A long time ago: Robert D. Richtmyer; A survey of Difference Methods for Non-Steady Fluid Dynamics

December 1968: Bleck, Rainer; Objective Analysis on Isentropic Surfaces

May 1970: Oliger, J.E.; Wellck, R.E.; Kasahara, A.; Washington, W.M.; Description of NCAR Global Circulation Model

January 1974: Jenne, Roy L.; Joseph, Dennis H.; Techniques for the Processing, Storage, and Exchange of Data

September 1975: Development and Use of the NCAR GCM, A Report of the GCM Steering committee

December 1979: National Hail Research Experiment Data Catalog (1972-1976)

November 1980: Meehl, Gerald A.; McBeth, Robert B.; Bolhofer, William C.; Unninayer, Sushil; U.S. Monsoon Experiment (MONEX) Rawinsonde/Radiometersonde System

April 1981: Lau, Ngar-Cheung; White, Glenn H.; Jenne, Roy L.; Circulation Statistics for the Extratropical Northern Hemisphere Based on NMC Analyses

December 1981: Sethian, James A.; Durran, Dale; Dee, Dick; Williamson, David L.; Normal Modes of an Atmospheric Prediction Model

July 1983: Sato, Richard K.; Bath, Linda M.; Williamson, David L.; Williamson, Gloria S.; Users' Guide to NCAR CCMOB

April 1984: Vickroy, J.; Normal Modes of the NCAR Community Forecast Model (CFM)

October 1984: Shea, Dennis J.; The Annual Cycle, Part I: The Annual Variation of Surface Temperature over the United States and Canada

October 1984: Shea, Dennis J.; The Annual Cycle, Part II: The Annual Variation of Precipitation over the United States and Canada

October 1985: Rhines, P.B.; Holland, W.R.; Chow, J.; Experiments with Buoyancy-Driven Ocean Circulation

July 1986: Errico, Ronald P.; Initialization of the PSU/NCAR Mesocale Model

August 1986: Washington, Warren M.; VerPlank, Lynda; A Description of Coupled General Circulation Models of the Atmosphere and Oceans Used for Carbon Dioxide Studies

May 1987: Anthes, Richard A.; Hsie, Eirh-Yu; Kuo, Ying-Hwa; Description of the Penn State/NCAR Mesoscale Model Version 4 (MM4)

June 1987: Bath, Linda M.; Dias, Michael A.; Williamson, David L.; Williamson, Gloria S.; Wolski, Richard J.; Documentation of NCAR CCM1 Program Modules

June 1987: Williamson, David L.; Kiehl, Jeffery T.; Ramanathan, V.; Dickinson, Robert E.; Hack, James J.; Description of NCAR Community Climate Model (CCM1)

July 1987: Kiehl, Jefferey T.; Wolski, Richard J.; Briegleb, Bruce P.; Ramanathan, V.; Documentation of Radiation and Cloud Routines in the NCAR Community Climate Model

November 1987: Platzman, George W.; Conversations with Jule Charney

December 1987: Williamson, Gloria S.; Williamson, David L.; Circulation Statistics from Seasonal and Perpetual January and July Simulations with the NCAR Community Climate Model (CCM1): R15

January 1988: Trenberth, Kevin E.; Olson, Jerry G.; Evaluation of NMC Global Analyses: 1979-1987

March 1988: Trenberth, Kevin E.; Olson, Jerry G.; Intercomparison of NMC and ECMWF Global Analyses

January 1989: Fleming, James R.; Guide to Historical Resources in the Atmospheric Sciences: Archives, Manuscripts, and Special Collections in the Washington, D.C. Area.

August 1989: Trenberth, Kevin E.; Olson, Jerry G.; Large, William G.; A Global Ocean Wind Stress Climatology Based on ECMWF Analyses

July 1990: Williamson, David L. (editor); CCM Progress Report - July 1990

October 1990: George, Ray; Lackman, Bob; Survey of NCAR User Needs for Visualization Tools

November 1990: Shea, Dennis J.; Trenberth, Kevin E.; Reynolds, Richard W.; A Global Monthly Sea Surface Temperature Climatology

July 1991: Errico, Ronald M.; Theory and Application of Nonlinear Normal Mode Initialization

November 1991: NetCDF User's Guide, An Interface for Data Access Version 2.0:

March 1992: May, Wilhelm; Shea, Dennis J.; Madden, Roland A.; The Annual Variation of Surface Temperatures over the World, 2 copies

April 1992: Hurrel, James W.; Campbell, G. Garrett; Monthly Mean Global Satellite Data Sets Available in CCM History Tape Format

June 1992: Trenberth, Kevin E.; Global Analyses from ECMWF and Atlas of 1000 to 10 mb Circulation Statistics

October 1992: Gill, David O.; A User's Guide to the Penn State/NCAR Mesoscale Modeling System

June 1993: Lenschow, D.H.; Mann, J.; Kristensen, L.; How Long is Long Enough when Measuring Fluxes and Other Turbulence Statistics?

June 1993: Hack, James J.; Boville, Byron A.; Briegleb. Bruce P.; Kiehl, Jeffery T.; Rasch, Philip J.; Williamson, David L.; Description of the NCAR Community Climate Model (CCM2), 2 copies

June 1993: Williamson, David M. (editor); CCM Progress Report - June 1993

July 1993: Williamson, Gloria S.; CCM2 Datasets and Circulation Statistics

August 1993: Dickinson, R.E.; Henderson-Sellers, A.; Kennedy, P.J.; Biosphere-Atmosphere Transfer Scheme (BATS) Version 1e as Coupled to the NCAR Community Climate Model

September 1993: Hoerling, Martin P.; DeHaan, Laurel L.; Hurrell, James W.; Diagnosis and Sensitivity of the 200 hPa Circulation in NCAR Community Climate Models

December 1993: Hurrell, James W.; Hack, James J.; Baumhefner, David P.; Comparison of NCAR Community Climate Model (CCM) Climates

December 1993: Trenberth, Kevin E.; Berry, Jeffery C.; Buja, Lawrence E.; Vertical Interpolation and Truncation of Model-Coordinate Data

January 1994: Guo, Yong-Run; Chen, Sue; Terrain and Land Use for the Fifth-Generation Penn State/NCAR Mesoscale Modeling System (MM5): Program TERRAIN

December 1994: Shea, Dennis J.; Worley, Steven, J.; Stern, Ilana R.; Hoar, Timothy J.; An Introduction to Atmospheric and Oceanographic Data

January 1995: Shea, Dennis J.; Sontakke, N.A.; The Annual Cycle of Precipitation over the Indian Subcontinent: Daily, Monthly and Seasonal Statistics, 2 copies

September 1996: Bonan, Gordon B.; The NCAR Land Surface Model (LSM Version 1.0) Coupled to the NCAR Community Climate Model

September 1996: Kiehl, Jeffery T.; Hack, James J.; Bonan, Gordon B.; Boville, Byron A. ; Briegleb, Bruce P.; Williamson, David L.; Rasch, Philip J.; Descroption of the NCAR Community Climate Model (CCM3), 2 copies