Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison (PCMDI) Reports

No. 1, March 1992: Gates, W. Lawrence; The Validation of Atmospheric Models

No. 2, April 1992: Slingo, Julia M.; Sperber, Kenneth R.; Morcrette, Jean-Jacques; Potter, Gerald L.; Analysis of the Temporal Behavior of Tropical Convection in the ECMWF Model

No. 3, August 1992: Gleckler, Peter J.; Taylor, Karl E.; The Effect of Horizontal Resolution on Ocean Surface Heat Fluxes in the ECMWF Model

No. 4, August 1992: Covey, Curt; Behavior of an Ocean General Circulation Model at Four Different Horizontal Resolutions

No. 5, September 1992: Phillips, Thomas J.; Gates, W. Lawrence; Arpe, Klaus; The Effects of Sampling Frequency on the Climate Statistics of the ECMWF General Circulation Model

No. 6, October 1992: Boyle, James S.; Sensitivity of Dynamical Quantities to Horizontal Resolution in a Climate Simulation with the ECMWF Atmospheric General Circulation Model (Cycle 33)

No. 7, December 1992: Gates, W. Lawrence; AMIP: The Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project

No. 8, January 1993: Phillips, Thomas J.; Corsetti, Lisa C.; Grotch, Stanley L.; The Impact of Horizontal Resolution on Moist Processes in the ECMWF Model

No. 9, February 1993: Potter, Gerald L.; Slingo, Julia M.; Morcrette, Jean-Jaques; Corsetti, Lisa; A Modeling Perspective on Cloud Radiative Forcing

No. 10, March 1993: Santer, Benjamin D.; Cubasch, Ulrich; Mikolajexicz, Uwe; Hegerl, Gabi; The Use of General Circulation Models in Detecting Cilmate Change Induced by Greenhouse Gases

No. 11, April 1993: Boyle, James S.; Preliminary Validation of the Low Frequency Variability of Tropospheric Temperature and Circulation Simulated for the AMIP by the ECMWF Model

No. 12, November 1993: Sperber, Kenneth J.; Hameed, Sultan; Potter, Gerald L.; Boyle, James S.; Simulation of the Indian and East-Asian Summer Monsoon in the ECMWF Model: Sensitivity to Horizontal Resolution

No. 13, November 1993: Sengupta, Sailes K.; Boyle, James S.; Statistical Intercomparison of Global Climate Models: A Common Principal Component Approach

No 14, January 1994: Santer, Benjamin D.; Mikolajewicz, Uwe; Bruggemann, Wolfgang; Cubasch, Ulrich; Hasselamnn, Klaus; Hock, Heinke; Maier-Reimer, Ernst; Wigley, Tom M.L.; Ocean Variability and its Influence on the Detectability of Greenhouse Warming Signals

No. 15, March 1994: Gleckler, P.J.; Randall, D.A.; Boer, G.; Colman, R.; Dix, M.; Galin, V.; Helfand, M.; Kiehl, J.; Kitoh, A.; Lau, W.; Liang, X.-Z.; Lykossov, V.; McAvaney, B.; Miyakoda, K.; Planton, S.; Cloud-Radiative Effects on Implied Oceanic Energy Transports as Simulated by Atmospheric General Circulation Models

No. 16, March 1994: Drach, Robert; Mobley, Robert; DRS User's Guide

No. 17, March 1994: Williams, Dean N.; Mobley, Robert L.; The PCMDI Visualization and Computation System (VCS): A Workbench for Climate Data Display and Analysis

No. 19, June 1994: Covey, Curt; Global Ocean Circulation and Equator -Pole Heat Transport as a Function of Ocean GCM Resolution

No. 20, November 1994: Boyle, James S.; The Northern Wintertime Divergence Extrema at 200 hPa and Surface Cyclones as Simulated in the AMIP Integration of the ECMWF General Circulation Model

No. 21, January 1995: Santer, Benjamin D.; Taylor, Karl E.; Wigley, Tom M. L.; Penner, Joyce E.; Jones, Philip D.; Cubasch, Ulrich; Towards the Detection and Attribution of an Anthropogenic Effect on Climate

No. 22, May 1995: Potter, Gerald L.; The Effect of Horizontal Resolution on Cloud Radiative Forcing in the ECMWF Model

No. 23, August 1995: Boyle, James S.; Intercomparison of the Spectral Characteristics of 200hPa Kinetic Energy in AMIP GCM Simulations

No. 24, August 1995: Phillips, Thomas J.; Documentation of the AMIP Models on the World Wide Web

No. 25, August 1995: Boyle, James S.; Estimates of Zonally Averaged Tropical Diabetic Heating in AMIP GCM Simulations

No. 26, August 1995: Gleckler, Peter J.; Weare, Bryan C.; Uncertainties in Global Ocean Surface Heat Flux Climatologies Derived from Ship Observations

No. 27, November 1995: Santer, B.D.; Taylor, K.E.; Wigley, T.M.L.; Jones, P.D.; Karoly, D.J.; Mitchell, J.F.B.; Oort, A.H.; Penner, J.E.; Ramswamy, V.; Schwarzkopf, M.D.; Stouffer, R.J.; Tett, S.; A Search for Human Influences in the Thermal Structure of the Atmosphere

No. 28, November 1995: Sperber, K.R.; Palmer, T.N.; Interannual Tropical Rainfall Variability in General Circulation Model Simulations Associated with the Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project

No. 29, December 1995: Sengupta, Sailes K.; Boyles, James S.; Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis of Climate Data

No. 30, January 1996: Covey, Curt; Correlation Between Outgoing Longwave Radiation and Surface Temperature in the Tropical Pacific: A Model Intercomparison

No. 31, February 1996: Boyle, James S.; Seasonal Characteristics of Precipitation over the United States in AMIP Simulations

No. 32, March 1996: Boyle, James S.; Intercomparison of Low-Frequency Variability of the Global 200hPa Circulation for AMIP Simulations

No. 33, March 1996: Zhang, Yi; Wang, Wei-Chyung; Model Simulated Northern Winter Cyclone and Anticyclone Activity Under a Greenhouse Warming Scenario

No. 34, April 1996: Taylor, Karl E.; EZGET: A Library of FORTRAN Subroutines to Facilitate Data Retrieval

No. 35, May 1996: Pawson, Steven; Fiorino, Michael; Structure of the Tropical Lower Stratosphere as Revealed by Three Reanalysis Data Sets

No. 36, October 1996: Sperber, Kenneth R.; Slingo, Julia M.; Inness, Peter M.; Lau, William K-M; On the Maintenance and Initiation of the Intraseasonal Oscillation in the NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis and the GLA and UKMO AMIP Simulations

No. 37, October 1996: Boyle, James S.; Intercomparison of the Seasonal Cycle in 200 hPa Kinetic Energy in AMIP GCM Simulations

No. 38, October 1996: Zhang, Yi; Sperber, Kenneth R.; Boyle, James S.; Climatology of East Asian Winter Monsoon and Cold Surges: Results from the 1979-1995 NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis

No. 39, March 1997: Zhang, Yi; Sperber, K.R.; Boyle, J.S.; Dix, M.R.; Ferranti, L.; Kitoh, A.; Lau, K.M.; Miyakoda, K.; Randall, D.; Takacs, L.; Wetherald, R.; GCM Simulated East Asian Winter Monsoon: Results from Eight AMIP Models

No. 40, May 1997: Sengupta, Sailes; Boyle, James S.; Comparison GCM Simulations, Ensembles and Model Revisions Using Common Principal Components

No. 41, May 1997: Boyle, James S.; Comparison of CCM3 Simulations Using Two Climatological Ozone Data Sets

No. 42, August 1997: Boyle, James S.; Preliminary Comparison of Climatological Ozone Data Sets

No. 43, August 1997: Boyle, James S.; Atmospheric Ozone Climatology for Use in General Circulation Models

No. 44, December 1997: Williams, Dean N.; The PCMDI Software System: Status and Future Plans

No. 45, April 1998: Gates, W.L.; Boyle, J.S.; Covey, C.C.; Dease, C.G.; Doutriaux, C.M.; Drach, R.S.; Fiorino, M.; Gleckler, P.J.; Hnilo, J.J.; Marlais, S.M.; Phillips, T.J.; Potter, G.L.; Santer B.D.; Sperber, K.R.; Taylor, K.E.; Williams, D.N.; An Overview of the Results of the Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project (AMIP)

No. 46, September 1998: Cohen-Solal, Emmanuelle S.; Gleckler, Peter J.; Wehner, Michael F.; Santer, Benjamin D.; Taylor, Karl E.; Doutriaux, Charles; The Sensitivity of AGCM Simulations to the Temporal Resolution of Ocean Surface Boundary Conditions

No. 47, September 1998: Wehner, Michael F.; Determination of the Sampling Size of AGCM Ensemble Simulations

No. 48, October 1998: Sperber, Kenneth R.; and Participating AMIP Modeling Groups; Are Revised Models Better Models? A Skill Score Assessment of Interannual Variability

No. 49, December 1998: Boyle, James S.; Comparison of the 200 hPa Crculation in CSM and CCM3 Simulations and NCEP and ERA Reanalysis: Principle and Common Principle Component Analysis of Interannual Variation

No. 50, December 1998: Boyle, James S.; Comparison of the 200 hPa Circulation in CSM and CCM3 Simulations and NCEP and ERA Reanalysis: Seasonal Cycle and Interannual Variation

No. 52, May 1999: Engelen, Richard J.; Fowler, Laura D.; Sampling Strategies for the Comparison of Climate Model Calculated and Satellite Observed Brightness Temperatures, 2 copies

No. 53, July 1999: Sperber, Kenneth R.; Slingo, Julia M.; Anamalai, H.; Predictability and the Relationship Between Subseasonal and Interannual Variability During the Asian Summer Monsoon