Book Author
Programmers Guide to Fortran 90, 3rd ed. Adams, Brainerd, Goldberg
Fortran 90 Handbook Adams, Brainerd, Martin, Smith, and Wagner
The Dilbert Principle Adams, Scott
Building Internet Firewalls 2nd ed. AMAZON.COM
Linux Firewalls (New Riders Professional Library) AMAZON.COM
Real World Linux Security: Invasion Prevention Dectection and Recovery AMAZON.COM
Corba on the Web Ben-Natan, Ron
Applying RCS and SCCS Bolinger, Don and Bronson, Tan
Publish Yourself on CD-Rom Caffarelli, Fabrizio and Straughan, Deirdre
The Meschach 1.2 manual Centre for Mathmatics and its Applications
Fortan 90/95 for Scientists and Engineers Chapman, Stephen
Tuning Guide to Parallel Vector Applications Cray Research Inc.
CF77 Commands and Directives Cray Research Inc.
DEC Fortran 90 Language Reference Manual Digital
Organizing Scientific Meetings Epple, August;
Mime, Uuencode &Zip Fernandez, Judi
The Copyright Handbook Fishman, Stephen
Fortran 90 Language Guide Gehrke, Wilhelm
Managing Science: Management for R&D Laboratories (Wiley Series in Beam Physics & Accelerator Technology) Geles, Claude, Lindecker, Gilles, Month, Mel, Roche, Christian
Word 97 for Windows for Dummies Gookin, Dan
The Texbook Knuth, Donald E.
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Third Edition. Kuhn, Thomas S.
The Prince (Niccolo Machiavelli). Mansfield, Harvey C.
The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli, Second Edition Mansfield, Harvey C.,
Getting Results with Microsoft Office 97 Microsoft
Getting Results with Microsoft Office for Windows 95 Microsoft
Introducing Microsoft Windows 95 Microsoft
Satellite Atlas of the World National Geographic
Realizing the Information Future: The Internet & Beyond National Research Council
PCTeX for Windows User Manual PCTeX
The Most Complete Reference: Using Word for Windows 95 Person, Ron
Numerical Recipes in Fortran, 2nd ed. w/disks Press, Lemkolsky & Vetterling, Flannery
Numerical Recipes in C, 2nd ed. w/disks Press, Teukolsky & Vetterling, Flannery
Millenium World Atlas Rand McNally
Unix in a nutshell Robbins, Arnold
Windows 3.1 Networking Sloman, Boyce, & Maxwell
Unix System V: Practical Guide (3rd Edition) Sobell, Mark
Unix in a nushell for system 5