The Met Office: Forecasting Products

No. 263, February 1999: Forrester, D.A.; McNair, I.J.; Accuracy of Forecasts of Geopotential Height in the Proposed European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Height Monitoring Unit (HMU) Areas

No. 265, April 1999: Turner, J.; Development of a mountain wave turbulence prediction scheme for civil aviation

No. 267, May, 1999: Brown, R.; Freezing fog and the implications for airline de-icing practice at UK airports

No. 290, December 1999: Steadman, D.; Climatological Evaluation of Supercooled Liquid Water Content Forecasts from the Mesoscale model

No. 292, January 2000: Standing, R.J.; Report Into A Trial of Incorporating the Output from the Convection Diagnosis Project Lifecycle Model Into the Unified Model output for use in Nimrod

No. 298, February 2000: Standing, R.J.; Report on Trials of the Imperial College/University College London Disaggregation Scheme

No. 305, March 2000: Brown, R.; An Evaluation of the Applicability of Supercooled Liquid Water Content Forecasts to the Forecasting of Aircraft Icing

No. 306, May 2000: Standing, R.J.; A Report on the Removal of Spurious Light Rain from the UM Rainfall Forecasts for Use in Nimrod

No. 311, May 2000: Heming, J.T.; Summary of Tropical Cyclone Activity and Forecasts in the 1998-9 Southern Hemisphere Season