The Met Office: Hadley Center

Technical Note

HCTN 1, September 1998: Gordon, C.; Cooper, C.; Senior, C.A.; Banks, H.; Gregory, J.M.; Johns, T.C.; Mitchell, J.F.B.; Wood, R.A.; The Simulation of SST Sea Ice Extents and Ocean Heat Transports in a Version of the Hadley Center Coupled Model Without Flux Adjustments

HCTN 2, November 1998: Mitchell, J.F.B.; Johns, T.C.; Senior, C.A.; Transient Response to Increasing Greenhouse Gases using Models with and Without Flux Adjustment

HCTN 3, December 1998: Lowe, Jason A.; Gregory, Jonathan M.; The Salinity drift of HadCM3: Description, analysis and a scheme to correct the global average

HCTN 4, January 1999: Gedney, N.; Cox, P.M.; Douville, H.; Polcher, J.; Valdes, P.J.; Characterising GCM land surface schemes to understand their responses to climate change

HCTN 5, January 1999: Huntingford, C.; Cox, P.M.; An analogue model to derive additional climate change scenarios from existing GCM simulations

HCTN 6, March 1999: Harrison, R.G.; Shine, K.P.; A review of recent studies of the influence of solar changes on the Earth's climate

HCTN 7, April 1999: Gregory, Julie; Representation of the Radiative Effect of Convective Anvils

HCTN 8, May 1999: Hassell, David; Jones, Richard; Simulating climatic change of the southern Asian monsoon using a nested regional climate model (HadRM2)

HCTN 9, June 1999: Methven, John; Berrisford, Paul; Hoskins, Brian; A Lagrangian Climatology for the North Atlantic

HCTN 10, August 1999: Pope, V.D.; Rowntree, P.R.; Stratton, R.A.; The Impact of New Physical Parametrizations in the Hadley Center Climate Model - HadAM3

HCTN 11, October 1999: Jackson, M.; Digitization of Metform data and Conversion to Flatfile Integer Format

HCTN 13, December 1999: Stratton, R.A.; The Impact of Increasing Horizontal Resolution on the HadAM3 Climate Simulation

HCTN 14, December 1999: Jones, A.; Roberst, D.L.; Woodage, M.J.; The Indirect Effects of Anthropogenic Sulfate Aerosol Simulated Using a Climate Model with an Interactive Sulphur Cycle

HCTN 15, January 2000: Senior, C.A.; Mitchell, John F.B.; The Time Dependence of Climate Sensitivity