The Met Office: Hadley Center

Climate Research Technical Note

CRTN 78, January 1997: Gregory, J.M.; Mitchell, J.F.B.; The climate response to CO2 of the Hadley Center coupled AOGCM with and without flux adjustment

CRTN 82, March 1998: Cox, P.M.; Betts, R.A.; Bunton, C.B.; Essery, R.L.H.; Rowntree, P.R.; Smith, J.; The impact of new land surface physics on the GCM simulation of cilmate and climate sensitivity

CRTN 83, March 1998: Horton, E.B.; Folland, C.K.; Parker, D.E.; The incidence of extremes in worldwide and Central England temperatures

CRTN 84, April 1998: Jones, C.D.; Palmer, J.R.; Spinup methods for HadCM3L

CRTN 85, June 1998: Carson, D.J.; Climate Modelling: Achievements and Prospects