The Met Office: Numerical Weather Prediction

Technical Reports

No. 251, December 1998: Anderson, S.R.; The Impact of Observations on Limited Area Model Forecasts During the FASTEX Campaign

No. 252, October 1998: Eyre, J.R.; The Effects of Nonlinearity on Analysis and Retrieval Errors

No. 253, September 1998: Partton, R.; Lightning strikes to helicopters over the North Sea

No. 254, October 1998: Woodfield, E.; Verification of aviation TREND forecasts

No. 255, October 1998: Ringer, M.A.; Cloud Height Determination using GOES Water Vapour and Infared Window Channel Imagery

No. 256, December 1998: Collard, A.D.; Notes on IASI Performance

No. 257, December 1998: Lawless, A.S.; Nichols, N.K.; A Comparison of two methods deriving the tangent linear model

No. 258, December 1998: Evans, R.E.; Mylne, K.R.; Harrison, M.S.J.; Preliminary Results from Quasi-Operational Multi-Model Multi-Analysis Ensembles on Medium-Range Timescales

No. 259, December, 1998: Radcliffe, J.; Chalcraft, B.; Wilson, C.; Macpherson, B.; Wilson, D.; Clark. P.; Report on pre-operational trials of the new microphysics scheme in the mesoscale model

No. 260, February 4, 1999: Bush, M.R.; Lock, A.P.; Smith, R.N.B.; Testing of the new boundary layer scheme in the Mesoscale Model

No. 261, March 1999: Collard, A.D.; The Effect of Undetected Cloud on IASI Retrievals

No. 262, February 17, 1999: Lorenc, A.; Andrews, P.; Ballard, S.; Clayton, A.; Ingleby, N.B.; Li, D.; Payne, T.; Saunders, F.; Design and Testing of the Met Office Variational Data Assimilation Scheme

No. 264, April 1999: Butterworth, P.; A Series of Impact Tests on New Satellite Wind Types

No. 266, May 1999: Pankiewicz, G.; Johnson, C.; Harrison, D.; Removal of spurious radar echoes with a meteosat neural network precipitation classifier

No. 268, July 1999: Collard, A.D.; Notes on AGIRS performance

No. 269, October 1999: English, S.J.; Poulsen, C.A.; Renshaw, R.J.; The impact of assimilating ATOVS 1D-var retrievals over Siberia

No. 271, July 1999: White, A.A.; Hydrostatic and quasi-hydrostatic versions of the basic "New Dynamics" equations

No. 272, July 1999: Lorrimer, S.J.; Jones, C.P.; Chalcraft, B.V.; Parallel trials of near real time fractional sea ice analyses in the global Unified Model

No. 273, July 1999: Pankiewicz, George: A progress report on the application of patter recognition techniques in NWP and other quantitative forecasting methods

No. 277, November 1999: Candy, B.; Li, D.; Berney, A.; The Impact on Forecast Skill of Using Wind Observations from Different Scatterometer Processing Methods

No. 279, October 1999: Butterworth, P.; Dalby, T.D.; Impact tests on the assimilation of PAOBs

No. 280, October 1999: Bell, R.S.; Dalby, T.D.; Li, D.; Saunders, F.W.; The Autumn 1999 Global Data Assimilation Upgrade Package

No. 281, September 1999: Pankiewicz, G.S.; Swarbrick, S.J.; Watkin, S.C.; Potential vorticity from Meteosat water vapour imagery: a method to automatically adjust initial NWP fields

No. 283, October 1999: Jackson, D.R.; Impact of the Stratosphere on the Troposphere on the Weather Forecast Time-Scales

No. 285, November 1999: Higgins, M.; Simulated 1D-variational assimilation of ground based GPS measurements of total zenith delay

No. 286, November 1999: Healy, S.B.; Radio occulation bending angle errors caused by horizontal gradients: a simulation study

No. 276, August 1999: Dalby, T.D.; Berney, A.; Modifications to Aircraft Thinning and Observation Errors

No. 287, February 2000: Sherlock, V.J.; Results from the first UKMO IASI fast radiative transfer model intercomparison

No. 288, November 1999: O'Carroll, A.G.; Candy, B.; Generation of High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature observations from AVHRR satellite data for use in the mesoscale SST analysis

No. 289, December 1999: Macpherson, B.; Operational Experience with Assimilation of Rainfall Data in the UK Met Office Mesoscale Model

No. 295, February 2000: Culverwell, I.D.; Milton, S.F.; An evaluation of the UKMO global NWP model by comparison with ARM data in the tropics

No. 296, February 2000: Eyre, S.J.; Butterworth, P.; Renshaw, R.J.; Ridley, J.K.; Ringer, M.A.; Recent Progress in the Use of Satellite Data in NWP

No. 297, Febraury 2000: Watkin, S.; Ringer, M.A.; Investigation into the use of SEVIRI imagery for the automatic detection of volcanic ash clouds

No. 299, December 1999: Sherlock, V.J.; ISEM-6: Infared Surface Emissivity Model for RTTOV-6

No. 303, March 2000: Pullen, S.; Options for obtaining vegetation information operationally from satellite observations