The Met Office: Forecasting Research

Scientific Paper

No. 25, November, 1994: Coulter, S.; Mawson, M.; Cullen, M.J.P.; The 1D, Vertical, Version of the Proposed Semi-Implicit Integration Scheme for the Unified Model: Formulation and Test Results

No. 26, October 1994: Cullen, M.J.P.; Davies, T.; Mawson, M.H.; James, J.A.; Coulter, S.C.; Some issues in numerical methods for the next generation of NWP and climate models

No. 27, August 1994: Cullen, M.J.P.; James, J.A.; A Comparison of two vertical grid staggerings

No. 28, November 4, 1994: Lorenc, A.C.; Barker, D.; Bell, R.S.; Macpherson, B.; Maycock, A.J.; On the use of radiosonde humidity observations in mid-latitude NWP

No. 29, October 19, 1994: Broad, A.S.; Porter, D.; Sewell, M.J.; New Shallow Flows over and Obstacle

No. 30, January 1995: Mawson, M.H.; A shallow-water semi-geostrophic model on the sphere

No. 31, January 1995: Roulstone, Ian; Sewell, Michael J.; Potential vorticities in semi-geostrophic theory

No. 32, March 1995: Kitchen, M.; Towards Improved Radar Estimates of Surface Precipitation Rate at Long Range

No. 33, May 1995: Macpherson, B.; Wright, W.H.; Maycock, A.J.; The Meteorological Office mesoscale data assimilation scheme

No. 36, August 1995: Eyre, J.R.; Variational assimilation of remotely-sensed observations of the atmosphere

No. 37, November 1995: Mawson, M.H.; Implementation of Semi-Langrangian Advection in the next generation U.K. Met Office Unified Model

No. 38, May 16, 1996: Roulstone, I; Sewell, M.J.; The Mathematical Structure of Theories of Semi-Geostrophic Type

No 39, May 1996: Cullen, M.J.P.; Douglas, R.J.; New mathematical tools for the Lagrangian description of atmospheric dynamics

No. 40, August 1996: Douglas, R.J.; Rearrangements of vector valued functions, with application to atmospheric and oceanic flows

No. 41, September 1, 1996: McIntyre, M.E.; Roulstone, I.; Hamiltonian balanced models: constraints, slow manifolds and velocity splitting

No. 42, November 5, 1996: Bader, M.J.; Graham, R.J.; Impact of Observations in NWP Models: Techniques and Results of Recent Studies

No. 43, November 14, 1996: Rubstov, V.N.; Roulstone, I.; Examples of Quaternionic and Kahler Structures in Hamiltonian Models of Nearly Geostrophic Flow

No. 44, December 1996: Milton, S.F.; Wilson, C.A.; Performance of Unified Model

No. 45, December 1996: Pankiewicz, G.S.; Neural network classification of convective airmasses for a flood forecasting system

No. 46, December 1996: Pankiewicz, G.S.; New Meteosat Pattern Recognition Products for Use in Weather Forecasting

No. 47, May 1997: Cullen, M.J.P.; Douglas, R.J.; Understanding atmospheric dynamics using rearrangements of functions

No. 48, September 1997: Cullen, M.J.P.; New Mathematical Developments in Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics, and Their Application to Computer Simulations

No. 49, October 19, 1997: Sewell, M.J.; Some Applications of Transformation Theory in Mechanics

No. 50, May 1998: Cullen, M.J.P.; Douglas, R.J.; Aplications of the Monge-Ampere equation and Monge transport problem to meteorology and oceanography

No. 51, May 1998: McWilliams, J.C.; Yavneh, I.; Cullen, M.J.P.; Gent, P.R.; The Breakdown of Large-scale Flows in Rotating, Stratified Fluids

No. 52, September 1998: Cullen, M.J.P.; The Use of Dynamical Knowledge of the Atmosphere to Improve NWP Models