Advanced Statistical Methods in Climate Research

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Catalogue Description: Introduction to multivariate statistical techniques commonly used in climate science, with special emphasis on estimation in large dimensional spaces. Topics include: multivariate regression, canonical correlation analysis, predictable component analysis, field significance tests, data assimilation (especially the ensemble Kalman Filter), discriminant analysis, and multivariate detection and attribution of climate change.

Instructor: Timothy DelSole
Location: Innovation Hall 139
Class Time: 10:30am - 1:10pm
Semester: Spring 2016
Office: Room 112, Research Hall
Phone: 703-993-5715
E-mail: tdelsole "at"
Prerequisites: CLIM762, or permission of instructor

Lecture Notes and Homeworks

1/25/2016 Model Selection Homework Solutions
2/01/2016 No Class - -
2/08/2016 Field Significance Tests Homework Solutions
2/22/2016 Canonical Correlation Analysis Homework Solutions
2/29/2016 Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) Homework Solutions
3/07/2016 Spring Break - -
3/14/2016 Predictable Component Analysis (PrCA) Homework Solutions
3/21/2016 Predictability - -
3/28/2016 Data Assimilation Homework Solutions
4/04/2016 Ensemble Square Root Filter - -
4/11/2016 Filter Divergence and Adaptive Inflation Homework Solutions
4/18/2016 Detection and Attribution of Climate Change Homework Solutions
4/25/2016 Historical Review of Data Assimilation Homework Solutions
5/02/2016 Extremes Homework Solutions
5/09/2016 Class Presentations