Beginning with GrADS version 2.1, the printim command has been deprecated and is an alias for gxprint.

The printim command will produce a PNG, GIF, or JPG formatted image file based on the current contents of the metabuffer, which is usually the stuff displayed on the screen, minus any widgets. The syntax is:


One or more options may be given in any order. bgImage and fgImage must be PNG format.

Usage Notes

  1. printim works with GrADS version 1.8 (or higher). Beginning with version 2.1, printim is an alias for gxprint.
  2. printim can be used while in batch mode.
  3. The option for JPEG formatted output became 'official' with version 2.0.a5.


The following command produces a 1000x800 PNG image into file out.png:

This command produces a 800x600 GIF image, with a white background, into file gifimage.out:

This command produces a GIF image with transparent color 0 and a background image mybkg.png. This means that in image.gif, the background image mybkg.png will be seen wherever the color 0 (background) appeared in the current display.