Beginning with GrADS version 2.1, the gxprint command will produce all hardcopy output in both image and vector graphic formats. The output is based on the current contents of the metabuffer, and it works in batch mode as well as interactive mode. It replaces the print, gxps, gxeps, and printim commands.



One or more options may be given in any order.

Usage Notes

  1. gxprint works with GrADS version 2.1+.
  2. bgImage and fgImage must be PNG format.
  3. The GIF and JPG image formats are not support by the Cairo library. These options will work only when using the GD library for rendering image output.
  4. The default width of the edge around the PS, EPS, and PDF output files is 0.15625 inches. An edge width smaller than the default may result in the plot getting cropped by the printer.
  5. In GrADS version 2.1+, it is also possible to achieve color transparency (full or partial) using the set rgb command.
  6. Multi-page output is not yet supported with gxprint.


The following command produces a 1024x768 PNG image into file test.png:

This command produces a GIF image with transparent color 0 and a background image mybkg.png. This means that in test.png, the background image mybkg.png will be seen wherever the color 0 (background) appeared in the current display.