This command is obsolete beginning with GrADS version 2.1. It has been replaced by gxprint.

print <fname>

If a GrADS metafile has already been opened with the enable print command, then the print command copies the contents of the current display into the metafile.

If a GrADS metafile is not open, then the print command will create an encapsulated postscript (EPS) file based on the contents of the current display. The optional argument fname is the output filename (grads.eps by default).

Usage Notes

For additional guidance on how to use the print command to create a GrADS metafile, see the notes in the documentation page for enable print.

Using the print command without opening a metafile first is essentially a quick shortcut for creating an EPS file from within GrADS. It allows the user to skip the steps of creating the GrADS metafile and invoking the external utility gxeps. However, using this shortcut means there can only be one image per file, and none of the options available when invoking gxeps directly can be used -- you get the default behavior of gxeps and are only allowed to specify the output filename.