enable print

This command is obsolete beginning with GrADS version 2.1. It has been replaced by gxprint.

enable print fname

This command opens the output file fname that will contain the instructions in GrADS metacode format to create a hardcopy of the graphical display. Any existing contents of fname will be lost. The output file fname is referred to as a GrADS metafile.

Usage Notes

Creating a GrADS metafile for vector-graphic hardcopy involves four steps:

1. Open the metafile with the enable print command
2. Create the graphical display that you want to print
3. Issue the print command. For multiple images in your metafile, use clear and then print again.
4. Close the metafile with the disable print command

After you have created a GrADS metafile, you can

1. convert it to postscript using the external utility gxps
2. convert it to encapsulated postscript using gxeps or you can
3. display it using the external utilities gxtran or gv32.exe (for MS Windows)