set dialog

set dialog pc fc bc oc th <numeric|n>

Sets color properties for dialog box widgets.

Usage Notes

  1. If th is 1-5, a one-pixel border is drawn; if it is 6 or more, a two-pixel border is drawn.

  2. Default colors are accessed by setting the colors to -1.

  3. If the numeric option is invoked, keyboard inputs are restricted to 0-9, ., -, +, e, and E. Entered value is checked to assure it is a rational number of the form +/-nnnn, +/-nnnn.dddd, or +/-nnnn.ddddE+/-xxxx. This assures the returned numeric value is valid for use by a GrADS script.

  4. See the q dialog refrence page for details on execution of the dialog box widgets.


set dialog 1 0 5 1 6
q dialog Hello World
say result