set strmden / set strmopts

set strmden density <arrow_spacing> <arrow_size> <arrow_type>

This command controls the appearance of the streamlines, drawn with 'set gxout stream'.

density        an integer between -10 and 10. Negative values are for high-res grids. The default value is 5.
arrow_spacing  a real number > 0.001 that controls the distance (in page inches) between arrows on each streamline
arrow_size     a real number >= 0.0 that controls the size (in page inches) of the arrows. The default value is 0.05.
arrow_type     may be 1 (for open arrow heads, "\/") or 2 (for closed arrow heads, filled triangles). The default value is 1.

Usage Notes

The optional arrow_spacing, arrow_size, and arrow_type options as well as support for negative density values for high-resolution grids were introduced in version 2.0.0.

'set strmopts' is an alias for 'set strmden'.