Grid Analysis and Display System

GrADS Users Forum

A new forum hosted by COLA was established in March 2010 for the exchange of information on the use of GrADS. Users at all levels are encouraged to post questions and answers on the basics of getting started, how to handle various data formats, where to find geophysical data sets in the public domain that are of interest to the GrADS community, discovering innovative solutions to data analaysis and display problems, script refinements, technical build issues, details about new releases, development requests, etc.

We are eternally grateful to our colleagues at CINECA who volunteered to set up the original gradsusr forum and turned it into a vital resource for the GrADS community. The old and new archives have been merged.

How To Subscribe/Unsubscribe to the Forum

The forum's home page is Use this web page to to submit a subscription request, edit your subscriber's options, or unsubscribe. Subscription is not automatic. After you have confirmed your request to join the forum, a moderator will review your information and notify you when you have been added to the list of subscribers. To ensure subscription, you must include your full name and affiliation along with your email address.

How To Submit a Message to the Forum

Once you are subscribed, you can post a message to all the list members by sending email to To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the gradsusr archives. You can search the archives using your favorite internet search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, et al.) by inserting "" into your search string.

When reporting bugs or problems, please include the following information in your post:

  1. The version of GrADS you are running (it is a good idea to include all the output from 'q config')
  2. Any specifics about the platform you are running GrADS on (e.g. Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, etc.)
  3. A brief description of the problem
  4. The simplest possible script that illustrates the problem
  5. The error messages from GrADS
  6. The output from running "ncdump -c" on your NetCDF file

If nobody responds to your post, it may be because you didn't provide enough information. In order to get the answers you want from the GrADS community, you have to ask the questions in the right way. Of course, it may also be the simple case that nobody has an answer.

If a week has gone by and there is still no reply, try reposting again, making sure that you've included all the items from the list above, and noting that it is your 2nd request.

Subscribers who send spam of any kind to the forum will be immediately unsubscribed.