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Animation shows seasonal cycle of land-atmosphere coupling

L-A coupling animation

The animation above shows the mean seasonal cycle (moving 30-day window) of global land-atmosphere coupling, estimated from a blend of three reanalyses each covering about 3 decades, and two metrics; one measuring the terrestrial leg and one the atmospheric leg of feedback from land to atmosphere. Green shaded areas show where the link between soil moisture and evaporation is strong, but the atmosphere does not convey the signal from surface fluxes to boundary layer development. Blue areas show the opposite, where the atmospheric link in the feedback loop is in place but the land surface does not convey soil moisture anomalies into surface flux anomalies. Red regions have complete linkage and denote "hot spots" of land-atmosheric coupling, which grow, shrink and migrate during the year.
Fascinating details are evident. L-A coupling over North America expands north from Mexico to Canada in the spring, and retreats slowly in the fall. The onset and disspiation of coupling over Eurasia is much more abrupt. At low latitudes, wet monsoon regions are largely uncoupled (black) but coupling is strong during the dry season. Some areas (e.g., in Queensland, Austalia, Ethiopia or parts of India) remain hot spots throughout the year. Find your favorite corner of the world and stare!

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Diagnosis and Validation of Land-Atmosphere Feedback in Two Global Models 2013-2017

P.I.: Paul A. Dirmeyer (GMU)
Co-Is: Joseph Santanello (NASA/GSFC), Michael Bosilovich (NASA/GSFC), and Michael Ek (NOAA/NCEP/EMC)

NASA Modeling, Analysis and Prediction (MAP) Program

The Land-Atmosphere Coupling Metrics "Cheat Sheet"

Final Report, October, 2018
Year 4 Progress Report, June, 2017
Year 3 Progress Report, June, 2016
Year 2 Progress Report, June, 2015
Year 1 Progress Report, June, 2014

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