Oral Presentations


Title Presenter
NMME Program Development Jin Huang, NOAA/CPO
NMME Operations David DeWitt, NCEP/Climate Prediction Center
SubX Kathy Pegion, GMU/COLA
Who cares about S2S research to improve forecasts? Alison Stevens, NOAA MAPP
Seasonal Climate Predictions in CCSM4: Influences of ocean‐atmosphere coupling and SST biases on skill and predictability Johnna M. Infanti, University of Miami
Subseasonal Prediction Skill from SubX Timothy DelSole, GMU/COLA


Title Presenter
Process‐based evaluation of MJO prediction Hyemi Kim, Stony Brook University
Skill in the NMME Nino‐3.4 Forecasts following the 2015‐16 El Nino Michelle L'Heureux, NOAA/CPC
Calibration of Monthly and Seasonal Probabilistic Prediction of Extremes in NMME Huug van den Dool, NOAA/CPC & Innovim


Title Presenter
Seasonal Arctic sea ice in the NMME Kirstin Harnos, NOAA/CPC
Marine Ecosystems Desiree Tommasi, NOAA/SWSFC