Poster Gallery

Wednesday Morning

Title Presenter
Assessment of sub‐seasonal predictability and probabilistic prediction skill over the U.S. Andrew Robertson
Advances in Real‐time Probabilistic Seasonal forecasting at The International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) Nachiketa Acharya
Application of the NMME for the Intraseasonal Prediction of Tropical Cyclones over the Atlantic and North Pacific Basins Hui Wang
Subseasonal Skill Sensitivity in the Global FIM‐iHYCOM Coupled Model Shan Sun
Short‐term climate extremes in NMME Emily Becker
Preliminary Results of Evaluation Week3/4 Reforecast for Canadian GEPS Qin Zhang
Influence of Convectively Coupled Equatorial Waves, the MJO, and ENSO on the Environment of Tropical Cyclones in Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Subseasonal Prediction Systems Matthew A. Janiga
An assessment of predictability for week 3&4 through extended Global Ensemble Forecast System (GEFS) Yuejian Zhu
Evaluating the performance of numerical ENSO forecasts for the June-August time period relative to a statistical/analog approach Isaac Hankes

Wednesday Afternoon

Title Presenter
On the Potential Forecast of Extremes by a Multi-Model Ensemble (MME) Dan C. Collins
Seasonal and Regional NMME Investigation and Visual Updates Andrew Huang
GEM-NEMO Coupled Model for Seasonal Forecasts Hai Lin
Hybrid dynamical-statistical seasonal forecasts with weather types Angel G Munoz
NMME model predictions of El Niño in the far-eastern Pacific: The 2015-16 and 2017 cases Ken Takahashi
Probabilistic prediction of extreme temperatures using NMME Nir Krakauer
CPC SubX Emerson LaJoie
Diagnosing the sources of systematic SST biases in CESM using ensemble seasonal hindcasts Angela Cheska Siongco
Bias Correction to Improve the Skill of Summer Precipitation Forecasts as Produced by NMME System over CONUS Bala Narapusetty
Seasonal forecast skill of the Indian monsoon in GFDL high-resolution forecast system Lakshmi Krishnamurthy

Thursday Morning

Title Presenter
Application of the NMME to Forecast Monthly Drought Conditions Raymond B Kiess
Subseasonal Forecast Skill over Extratropical Northern Hemisphere in Three Operational S2S Systems Hai Lin
The FIM-iHYCOM Model in SubX: Evaluation of Subseasonal Drift Benjamin W. Green
Combination of Multimodel Probabilistic Forecasts Using Objectively Determined Weights Gwen Chen
Prediction of Atmospheric Blocking Rainer Bleck
Prediction of Stratospheric Sudden Warming Events Rainer Bleck
Is there much room for forecast skill improvement of global sea surface temperature anomalies? Sang-Ik Shin
On the correspondence between short- and long-time-scale systematic SST biases in the CESM Hsi-Yen Ma
Assessing the Fidelity of Predictability Estimates Kathy Pegion

Thursday Afternoon

Title Presenter
Prediction and Predictability of Extremes at Different Timescales Teresa Cicerone
Assessment of NMME Skill over Southwest Asia and Horn of Africa Ryan D Smith
Evaluation of GEOS5-S2S-2.1 seasonal forecast Zhao Li
Skillful climate forecasts of the tropical Indo-Pacific using model-analogs Matthew Newman
Evaluating the MJO forecast skill in the NCEP GEFS 35-day Experiments Wei Li
California Drought and the 2015-2016 El Niño Benjamin Cash
Assessing the Sources of Subseasonal to Seasonal Predictability in the Climate Forecast System Version 2 Zhuo Wang
Improving NMME seasonal forecast skill through Calibration, Bridging, and Mergins (CBaM) Sarah Strazzo
Seasonal Prediction of Atmospheric Rivers in the NMME Yang Zhou
Assessing subseasonal to seasonal prediction of storm track activity using NMME daily hindcast data Edmund Chang

Friday Morning

Title Presenter
Sub-seasonal to seasonal climate forecast products for hydrology and water management Sarah Baker
Seasonal scale water deficit forecasting in Africa and the Middle East Kristi R. Arsenault
An Intercomparison of Arctic Sea-ice predictability based on CanCM3, CanCM4, CFSv2 and GEM-NEMO hindcasts Marko Markovich
Description and Initial SubX results from the Navy Earth System Model (NESM) Neil Barton
Using NMME temperature forecasts to improve seasonal streamflow forecasts in the Colorado and Rio Grande basins Flavio Lehner
Initialization of dynamic phenology variables in a subseasonal forecast system Randy Koster
Prediction and predictability of the Madden Julian Oscillation in the NASA GEOS-5 seasonal-to-subseasonal system Deepthi Achuthavarier