GrADS Commands Sorted by Attribute

set loopdim      Sets dimension to animate
set loopincr     Sets looping increment
set looping      Turns on animation when fewer than three dimesions are varying
set dbuff        Turns on/off double buffer mode
swap             Swaps buffers when in double buffer mode

Axis Labeling
draw xlab         Draws an X-axis label
draw ylab         Draws a Y-axis label
set vrange       Sets the range of values for Y-axis scaling
set vrange2      Sets the range of values for X-axis scaling
set xaxis        Specifies where the labeled tick marks will be placed on the X-axis
set xflip        Flips the order of the horizontal axis
set xlab         Controls the format of X-axis tick mark labels
set xlabs        Gives specific text for X-axis labels
set xlevs        Specifies each individual labeled tick mark for the X-axis
set xlint        Specifies the interval between labeled tick marks on the X-axis
set xlopts       Controls X-axis label options
set xlpos        Controls position of X-axis labels
set xyrev        Reverses the X and Y axes on a plot
set yaxis        Specifies where the labeled tick marks will be placed on the Y-axis
set yflip        Flips the order of the vertical axis
set ylab         Controls the format of Y-axis tick mark labels
set ylabs        Gives specific text for Y-axis labels
set ylevs        Specifies each individual labeled tick mark for the Y-axis
set ylint        Specifies the interval between labeled tick marks on the Y-axis
set ylopts       Controls Y-axis label options
set ylpos        Controls position of Y-axis labels
set zlog         Sets log scaling of the Z dimension

Bar Graphs
set barbase      Sets the reference point for bar graphs
set bargap       Sets the gap between bars for bar graphs
set baropts      Sets characteristics of bars for bar graphs
set gxout bar   Graphics output type for bar graphs
set gxout errbar   Graphics output type to show error bars

Color Control
set fgvals       Assigns a color to a particular value; used with set gxout fgrid
set lfcols      
set rbcols       Specifies a new rainbow color sequence
set rbrange      Assigns a range of values to rainbow colors
set rgb          Defines a new color
set wxcols       Controls color of weather symbols

Contour Settings
set annot        Sets the color and thickness for the axis border, axis labels, and tickmarks.
set black        Specifies a range of values for which no contours will be drawn
set ccolor       Specifies the color of the plotted contours
set ccols        Assigns specific colors for each contour level
set cint         Sets the contour interval
set clab         Controls contour labels
set clevs        Sets specific contour levels
set clopts       Contour label options
set clskip       Sets the number of contour lines to skip when labelling
set cmax         Contours not drawn above this value
set cmin         Contours not drawn below this value
set csmooth      Interpolates the grid to a finer resolution before contouring
set cstyle       Sets the contour line style
set cterp        Turns on/off spline smoothing
set cthick       Sets contour line thickness

Display Controls
clear            Clears the display window and resets many graphics options
display          Draws a plot
reset            Returns GrADS settings to default state with some exceptions
set background   Sets background color
set clip         Sets the coordinates for clipping the plot area
set cmark        Sets the type of line marker
set display      Sets the mode of display
set frame        Draws a frame around plot borders
set gridln       Controls appearance of grid lines; used with set gxout grid
set gxout        Sets a graphics output type
set line         Sets line attributes
set missconn     Connects plots lines over missing data
set parea        Specifies the area for plotting contour plots, maps, or line graphs
set vpage        Sets dimensions of the virtual page
set xsize        Resizes the graphics display window

Data and Image Output

disable fwrite   Closes output file containing gridded data
disable print    Closes output file containing images in metacode format
enable print     Opens output file containing images in metacode format
gxeps            Converts GrADS metacode format image files into postscript
gxps             Converts GrADS metacode format image files into postscript
gxtran           Displays GrADS metacode format image files
outxwd           Copies the contents of the display window into a file in XWD format
print            Copies the contents of display window to a file in a metacode format
printim          Copies the contents of display window to a file in PNG or GIF format
set fwrite       Sets filename, byte ordering, and format for data output
set gxout fwrite   Graphics output type for writing data to file
wi               Dumps the contents of the display window into a file in a variety of formats

Dimension Environment
set x            Specifies the X-dimension in grid coordinates
set y            Specifies the Y-dimension in grid coordinates
set z            Specifies the Z-dimension in grid coordinates
set t            Specifies the T-dimension in grid coordinates
set e            Specifies the E-dimension in grid coordinates
set lon          Specifies the X-dimension in world coordinates
set lat          Specifies the Y-dimension in world coordinates
set lev          Specifies the Z-dimension in world coordinates
set time         Specifies the T-dimension in world coordinates
set ens         Specifies the E-dimension in world coordinates

File I/O
close            Closes a GrADS data file
open             Opens a GrADS data file
reinit           Returns GrADS to its initial state
exec             Executes the list of GrADS commands contained in a file
run              Runs a GrADS script
sdfopen          Opens a NetCDF of HDF-SDS file that conforms to the COARDS conventions
xdfopen          Opens a NetCDF of HDF-SDS file that does not conform to the COARDS conventions
set dfile        Changes default file
set imprun       Sets up automatic script execution before every display command

GrADS-User Interface
grads            Starts the GrADS program
help             Lists a few basic GrADS commands
query            Returns information about a variety of aspects of the current GrADS session
quit             Quits GrADS
set datawarn     Prints "Entire Grid Undefined" in display window if all data are missing
set stat         Turns on/off printing of statistical information for each display
set warn         Turns on/off messages about the progress of certain mathematical operations
!shell           Sends a command to the shell

Graphical Elements
draw line         Draws a line
draw mark         Draws a mark
draw polyf        Draws a filled polygon
draw rec          Draws a rectangle
draw recf         Draws a filled rectangle
draw wxsym        Draws a weather symbol

GRIB Utilities
gribmap          Creates a map of data sets in GRIB format
gribscan         Extracts grid info from data sets in GRIB format

Map Settings
draw map         Draws a map outline
set grid         Sets characteristics of displayed grid lines
set map          Sets map background characteristics
set mpdraw       Turns on/off drawing of map background
set mpdset       Sets the resolution of the coastal outline
set mproj        Sets current map projection
set mpt          Controls map background characteristics
set mpvals       Sets reference longitudes and latitudes for polar stereographic plots
set poli         Turns on/off the drawing of political boundaries

Plot Annotation and Labeling
draw string       Draws a string anywhere on the page
draw title        Draws a title centered over a plot
set dignum       Sets the number of significant digits after the decimal point
set digsiz       Sets the size of plotted numbers
set font         Selects the font for text display
set grads        Turns on/off the GrADS logo in each plot
set string       Sets string drawing attributes
set strsiz       Sets the string character size
set timelab      Turns on/off display of the time label
set tlsupp       Suppresses the annotation of the year and/or month in date/time labels

Station Data
collect          Saves station data in memory as a set
set mdlopts     
set wxopt        Controls weather symbol output; used with set gxout wxsym
set stid         Turns on/off display of the station ID next to the data values
set stnprint     Controls printing of station data values; used with set gxout stat
stnmap           Writes out a hash table and/or link list information for station data

define           Creates a new GrADS variable that is loaded into memory
modify           Defines a climatological variable
set defval       Interactively modifies grid point values for 2-D defined variables
undefine         Frees the memory used by a defined variable

set arrlab       Toggles drawing the vector arrow label
set arrowhead    Sets the size of the vector arrowhead
set arrscl       Specifies arrow length scaling
set gxout vector    Graphics output type for vector plots
set hempref      Controls wind barb drawing conventions
set strmden      Sets density of streamlines; used with set gxout stream

draw button      Draws a button widget
redraw button    Resets a button widget on/off
draw dropmenu    Draws a dropmenu widget
set button       Specifies the color characteristics of a button widget
set dialog       Sets color properties of dialog box widgets
set dropmenu     Sets color properties of dropmenu widgets
set rband        Sets characteristics for the 'rubber band' widget